We are both honored and delighted that Brother Anthony of Taize and Hong Kyeong-Hee, co-authors of The Korean Way of Tea are working with us to develop this unprecedented tea tour.  Their knowledge of tea - its history and practice - is highly respected internationally.  They will provide an introduction to Korean tea at the beginning our your tour, accompany you during the tea portion of the tour and provide a  very special tea moment one of the last evenings.

   The tea ware artists you will visit are among the most respected in Korea.  Some are human treasures while others represent the best in their various forms of tea ware and trace the history of tea ware in Korea.   

   Imagine tracing the history of Korean tea, picking and making your own tea by hand, staying in a historic temple and meeting personally with some of Korea’s most respected tea masters and tea ware artists who continue the arts of their ancestors and forge the future of Korean tea ware.  That is Tea Tour Korea. 

    Both the highest quality Korean tea and the highest quality Korean tea ware are formed by hand.  Both demand years of knowledge and even the precise control of fire. 

   Tea ware would not exist without tea.  While tea can be drunk from any container, this author believes tea is best enjoyed while using quality natural ceramic tea ware.

  As mentioned, Tea Tour Korea will take you to Korea’s extraordinary tea processors - some are private individuals living high in the mountains near Korea’s wild tea.  Perhaps the person processing and or serving tea will be a Seon (Zen)* monk or an experienced woman who has been processing wild tea from tea plants found in the mountains behind her home for more than fifty years.

  This tea tour will also take you to the best tea ware makers - some also living high in the mountains.  Perhaps that person too is spiritual and/or someone who has been making tea ware for more than fifty years.

   Join us on this remarkable journey into the Korean way of tea.