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Tea Tour Korea

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Morning Earth works to make all of our tours very special and as reasonably priced as possible. The tour is based on at least ten participants and double occupancy.  Single occupancy may or may not be possible depending on the actual number of applicants.  This tour, because of its unusual nature, has some costs above our regular tours.  However, the price remains reasonable because a part of your tour is being subsidized by the City of Gangjin Korea which is both a major ceramic center, with their 1000 year old celadon history, and a major tea center - the historic home of Ven Cho-ui and other historic tea dignitaries.  Korea is an amazing country with deep and rich arts and culture.  Korea is waiting to welcome you.

Touch the heart of Korean tea.

This price includes knowledgeable experts on both tea and tea ware, our own bus, accommodations*, most meals*, English speaking guide, entrance fees to all venues, temple stay (or hotel) at tea area, tea processing fees and small gifts for those we visit.  There are no hidden costs.  Amazingly it could be less.

Compare this price with tours costing $300-$350 per day.

Q: What kind of accommodations?

A: We work to have good to excellent accommodations in every area we visit.  However, this tour is traveling to two remote areas that may not have any high quality hotels.  All hotels are clean and comfortable.   

This tour also has a temple stay (with hotel option). This is a remarkable opportunity to experience temple life and the depth of Korean tea.  We trust that all who are able will take advantage of the temple stay opportunity. 

Q: What does “most meals” mean? 

A: We base our price on two meals a day outside of Seoul and breakfast only in Seoul.

Q: Why not provide three meals a day everywhere?

A: We made this decision to save you money.  When we are outside of Seoul, we occasionally have meals provided by a city we are visiting.  In any case, the noon meal is not expensive.

  In Seoul we often give you free time.  It is impossible to bring the group together at a certain time and place if we are not together as a group.  Our hotel in Seoul, usually the Somerset Palace, is a residential hotel with stove, refrigerator and washer and dryer.  It is possible to plan and prepare your own meals at your hotel or walk a block to Insadong where there are many reasonably priced restaurants.  Insadong is one of Korea’s better known art and antique areas with many shops and galleries. 

Incidentally, the Lotus Lantern Festival, that you will witness when we return to Seoul also takes place near our hotel.  The headquarters for the Lotus Lantern Festival is at the Jogye-sa Temple just behind our hotel.  We will be in contact with them in an effort to make that event a special time for you.

Air:  You will fly to Seoul / Incheon ICN to arrive May 6, 2010.

Air is not included in the land price.  We are able to book your flight and will do so at your individual request.  We may or may not be able to save you money on your flight.  The tour price is a land only price and should be compared with tours that cost $300-$350 per day that do not include air.  As you may know, airfares change daily.  Prices usually become lower as we get closer to the actual date of the tour.  The air should be booked two or more months before the actual date.  Seats could become scarce.

$ 2397 USD*

Maximun Land price, based on two per room.

Bring a friend on this amazing journey.

Jeju-do Option:  May 19-21 (Any number guests)

The price for the Jeju-do option is $450 for two nights and three days.  This price includes air to and from Seoul, your own bus, most meals, excellent accommodation, English speaking guide, entrance fees to all venues.  There are no hidden costs.  However, this is not an exclusive group.

*Unexpected changes in our costs may affect this price slightly.  To keep your cost low, we work with very close price margins.  The price is based on a minimum of 10 participants.  As mentioned, the price becomes lower as we exceed our minimum participant number.  We will accept a maximum of 20 participants on this historic tour.