Although this is a very reasonable price, for the quality and depth of this tour, it is based on just 10 participants.  Following our new Morning Earth signature tours pricing policy, the price is lowered for every two additional tour members.  So please tell your friends about this amazing tour and our unusual company. 

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Tea Tour Korea

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  It is time to celebrate our tour pricing.   The price we display is the maximum land price for this tour if we have at least 10 guests.  The final price will be determined when we actually know how many guests we will have with us.  So, we encourage you to register and bring a friend or more with you on this amazing journey.   The more we have on this tour the lower the price.

  Whatever you think of our tour prices, they are up front and honest.  We don’t give you a price and later add on things like tips or entrance fees or gifts for the artists or tea masters we will visit.   We have seen some tours where the price looks very reasonable until you read the details where food is extra or entrance fees are extra.  We saw one tour where even the bus was extra.

  As far as we can determine, we are the only tour provider in the world that lowers its tour price when we have more guests than our minimum requirements.  Other tour companies make their money by offering a 10 minimum price and book 20+ participants.  Some companies will not travel with fewer than 28 guests.  We work with small tour groups, not more than 20, and very thin profit margins. Then we reduce our prices whenever possible.  Morning Earth wants the prices for our signature tours to be as reasonable as possible.  Our goal is simple.  We want you to touch the heart of Korean arts and culture in a very positive way so that you too will understand the beauty and spirituality that is found in Korea.  

“To read is to know, to travel is to understand.”