Brother Anthony of Taize and Hong Kyeong-Hee, co-authors of the book The Korean Way of Tea,  are helping to plan and will participate in the tea portion of this tour.  They will introduce the tour in Seoul and join us when we enter the tea area of Jirisan.  This mountain is famous as the area that produces the “best tea in Korea”.  It is here where tea was first planted in Korea.  Br. Anthony and Mr. Hong will take us to the quiet temple of Hwaom, famous for its ancient wild tea.   There you will experience temple life or if unable may choose to rest at a nearby hotel.  The following morning, you will be guided by Br. Anthony, Mr. Hong and the temple monks through the experience of picking and processing your own Korean green tea. 

   The tea portion of the tour will allow you to witness several tea plantations, including Bosong, and we will also travel to Gangjin. Gangjin is famous for its celadon.  But it is not celadon that makes Gangjin an historic stop for Korean tea connoisseurs.  It was the home of Cho-ui Korea’s great tea monk.  Read more about him later.

   After an introduction by Brother Anthony in Seoul, the tour will travel to the International Mungyeong Tea Bowl Festival where you will see the work of international and local tea ware artists.  Mungyeong has a thousand year history of producing tea ware.  It is home to ceramic Human Cultural Treasures.       

   We have more than 40 years of Korean ceramic research experience and have selected some of Korea’s more interesting tea ware artists.  They include a potter considered by some Japanese and Korean authorities to produce the finest teabowls in Asia.  You will visit  Human Cultural treasures of various ceramic styles and a humble potter whose raw clay home sits high in the mountains near Gyeongju.      

    Our hope is that on this tour, with guests including tea connoisseurs, tea ware artists and others, you experience at least one moment when you will not only witness the Korean way of tea but will feel it deeply. “To read is to know, to experience is to understand.”

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   While we do not yet know the price of this tour, all Morning Earth tours are priced below other Korean tours of similar length.  The goal of Morning Earth is simply to introduce you to the richness and depth of Korean arts and culture.  Touch the heart of Korea.  

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