In the mountains of Jirisan there is a temple* where it is said tea was first planted in Korea more than a thousand years ago.  Near that temple wild tea grows.  It is from these plants that the participants in Tea Tour Korea will pick their tea.  Then under the guidance of professionals you will process your own tea.  This slide show introduces that hermitage and the processing of tea with Hong Kyeong-Hee co-author of The Way of Korean Tea.  It is shown here with thanks to Brother Anthony of Taize the other co-author.

That is followed by some tea images we have taken on our tours.  In our photos the tea is not wild but the adventure remains spiritual. 

Tea Tour Korea

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  1. *Two temples claim the distinction of being the temple where tea was first planted in Korea in the early 800’s, Hwaeom-sa and Ssanggye-sa. We will visit both.

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